Travel in time and Sicily

I stumbled a time machine near Syracuse — enclosed by a lemon grove, step inside the old farmhouse

Lemon Grove, 30 minutes drive from Syracuse

I love everything about the farmhouse. I am totally fine sleeping in my Uniqlo coat and under three blankets tonight. I climb up a thin, uneven metal staircase without a railing to get to the bed that is set up on a platform under the ceiling. Looking down from the platform, I see the life inside that house and imagine what it was like to live here a hundred or two hundred years ago. I am excited to experience it and play my part. My body needed to put effort to tackle the old staircase like I was a circus gymnast reaching for the rooftop without a safety strap, yet it seemed effortless for my mind to feel immediately transformed into a different world. I feel inside of a fairytale, and ready to find out more about the story.

The secrets. I am certain this place holds many secrets and even more stories. I want to take a pick, and I start photographing the old clay pots, the cactuses in front of the house, and the cats. Then I go inside the main quarters of the house. Blue bearded ogre could have lived here. Vast library, palatial dining space with old paintings, unique hand-made pottery, and four-foot-tall glass containers, enormous empty room for prayer with one chair, and a small rug in the corner. How many people used to live there at one time? Now it’s an Agritourism B&B with eighteen rooms to be filled. It is still empty before the full season starts in a couple of weeks.



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Olenka Geyyer

Artist. Traveler. Storyteller. Mother. I create, feel, notice, and appreciate the world of ideas, joy, and magic.