A tale about the Little Yellow Chick

Look for the place where your joy lives

Olenka Geyyer
3 min readJan 20, 2021

Once upon a time, there was a Little Yellow Chick. He loved to laugh with passion, twitching his legs and limbs in a funny way, and jumping up and down very enthusiastically. Suddenly he realized that he was sitting inside the egg. He knocked from inside with his beak. Knock-knock. Nobody answered. The egg was smooth and pleasant but stayed speechless and distant.

Little Yellow Chick knocked harder.

A tiny-tiny hole appeared on the egg’s smooth surface and the flow of abrupt sounds, smells, cold air, and other unknown things came rushing in through it.

Little Yellow Chick got outside quickly and started galloping forward on unstable feet, then collapsed and hurt his right shoulder and right leg. However this did not make him sad, and even more so, he was not going to complain; he just rolled forward with his left shoulder: this is so exciting –to roll!

He kept feeling pain in his leg, but who will listen to the leg, when you need to run.

Suddenly somebody stepped on the chick’s foot.

It was an Uncle Rooster. Little Yellow Chick shrank and became numb. Uncle Roster started pecking the chick’s head. Little Yellow Chick suffered but kept silent, and when he could not handle it anymore, he pulled himself together and butted the rooster in a stomach as hard as he could.

Uncle Rooster got surprised and politely stepped aside.

- Why did you not tell me that pecking hurts? Why were you silent? Where are you heading to, anyway?

- I do not know exactly, but I know for sure that I have to run and run quickly.

- Hmmm… Maybe you just sit down, fellow, spend some time treating your feet with some natural remedy, and think where are you running to?

Little Yellow Chick sat down, he covered his feet with burdock that grew in abundance there; and he started to feel so calm and peaceful.

- Thank you, Uncle Rooster, that you pecked me, otherwise I would be running as crazy for a long time, not knowing where…

Suddenly Aunt Hen appeared.

- Hey, why are you sitting here, all lazy, Little Yellow Chick? Go home and tidy up your room!

- I would like to sit and stare in the sky instead, and think where am I running and why…

- Nonsense! Eggs don’t teach the hen! — frowned Aunt Hen angrily.

- Well, maybe an egg can’t teach the hen, but I am not an egg anymore, I am a whole unique chick, round, fluffy, yellow piece of happiness!

And Yellow Chick felt even more peaceful after saying these words. He then smiled blissfully and shut his eyes tight with pleasure. His wings trembled and spread and he even flew some distance above the ground. When he opened his eyes, he could not believe what he saw — Uncle Rooster and Aunt Hen were kissing.

“Oh My God!” — thought Yellow Chick, “This is a miracle, and I was behind creating it. Does that mean that I am a Joy?!”

That’s all, folks!

And who managed to read till the end, try to recall yourself as a tiny-tiny chick and to jump on one foot.



Olenka Geyyer

Artist. Traveler. Storyteller. Mother. I create, feel, notice, and appreciate the world of ideas, joy, and magic.